Long- Term Care

We are large enough to serve you… and small enough to really take care of you…

Blue Pharmacy service ALFs (assisted living facilities), hospitals, jails, and other institutional care settings. We encourage, develop, and depend on the relationships that we build with our family care givers. Our pharmacy offers a full range of services to accommodate prescription and non-prescription needs. We offer FREE delivery. We understand the importance of timely medication administration.

Anticipating and Meeting Your Individual Needs:

  • Free daily delivery of medication on time
  • Support by customized medication packaging: Unit dose, OPUS, and Bubble packs
  • Direct billing to families, residents, and insurance plans
  • We accept all major insurance and Medicaid
  • FREE E-Mar Cart
  • FREE Antibiotics
  • FREE Refill Reminders
  • No restocking fees
  • We match all competitors pricing

Over-The-Counter (OTC) Program:

  • Blue Pharmacy is now offering customers special pricing on some of the most commonly used OTC medications.
  • As added convenience, we will package the Over-The-Counter (OTC) medication along with the rest of the daily prescription medications

Easy Transition, Easy Pharmacy Transfer:

Moving into a senior community can be a significant transition for a new resident, and changing pharmacies can be equally significant adjustment. Blue Pharmacies provides an easy and seamless transition. At Blue Pharmacy we understand that changing pharmacies is not always easy task, therefore we have a transition team to help coordinate and lead the transition of patients form your current pharmacy provider to Blue Pharmacy.

At Blue Pharmacy Your individual needs are met through every layer of service…

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