Blue Pharmacy is an independent Pharmacy aiming to provide our patients with the best quality prescribed medications at the lowest possible prices Added onto our services are Compounding, free delivery, bubble pack reminders upon patient's request. Our very friendly and qualified pharmacists can help you save your cost too by getting the generic equivalents at the lowest prices. Experience a one on one patient service here!
Blue Pharmacy is dedicated to serving the community, and has been for many years with the same professional and courteous service! You can expect quality and accuracy with every prescription, and purchase. Choose Blue to be your pharmacy of today, and the future!
Nothing is more important in your personal health care than proper and safe use of your medications...

Trust In Your Health

Blue Pharmacy, independent retail pharmacy located in Port Huron, Michigan focuses on accurate and complete prescription processing and medication management through high-tech computer systems.
  • Blue Pharmacy- your dependable & favorite pharmacy.
  • Blue Pharmacy have set the standard for superior health advice for several years.
  • We pride ourselves on our team of professional pharmacists, our friendly staff and an extensive range of products and services.
  • Got a health or wellbeing question? Better ask an expert. Better ask Blue Pharmacy
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